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Welcome to The JUSTÜS Foundation

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About The JUSTÜS Foundation

Who We Are

The JUSTÜS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring and facilitating the entry of legacy (pre-legalization) operators to the legal cannabis market.  The organization was founded in October 2021 by the prominent cannabis leader Steve DeAngelo, in response to two related trends:

- The exclusion of the legacy cannabis operators from the legal industry

- The persistence of a dual market following legalization

which results in a delay in consumer migration to the legal cannabis market.

Our mission is to secure a legal role in the industry for the pioneers who carried cannabis medicine through the years of prohibition and to create a single, unified, legal market for cannabis.

Building the legacy to legal bridge


Shifting the narrative from problem to opportunity

Unlock Your Full Potential


Responsibly Organized Activism

Transform Your Passion Into a Business

Our Services

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    Come learn about the most updated growth and manufacturing practices in the cannabis industry.


New York, NY


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